Dominic James Returns To Wreck Your Bracket

Here’s a new rule, proposed by me and submitted via blog: if you’re not on the roster at the start of the NCAA tourney, you don’t get to play. I really think Vegas will be behind me on this one.

Dominic James

You might have guessed this new rule has something to do with Dominic James, Marquette’s star point guard. His broken foot coincided with the Golden Eagles’ fall from the ranks of college basketball’s elite. Well, by the power of Jesus, or maybe Dwyane Wade, James is at this very moment getting ready to suit up against Mizzou.

Take a minute to crumple up your bracket, and join me after the jump.

Marquette was number 8 in the country when James went down during the opening minutes of a game against Connecticut. The Eagles promptly lost five out of their last six, including games to UConn, Pitt, Louisville and Syracuse. Their six seed was considered surprisingly high.

So you’d be forgiven for not having them advance too far in your bracket. The trouble they had with Utah State on Friday just added to that feeling. So Missouri has an easy path to the Sweet 16? The smart money said yes.

Well, James has been cleared to play. That’s 11.4 ppg, 3.5 rpg and 5.1 apg back in the lineup. And considering I’m not the only one who has Mizzou in the elite 8, I’m going to give you this link to your second chance bracket.