Domestic Abuse Suit For Brian Giles Of All People

It’s never a good sign when a pro athlete is repeatedly referred to as “defendant.” But that’s where seemingly mild-mannered Brian Giles finds himself this morning, as the target of a lawsuit from his former girlfriend who alleges he beat her so severely she suffered a miscarriage.

Brian Giles

Via the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, Cheri Olvera is seeking $10 million from the Padres outfielder, with whom she lived for six years until they broke up earlier this year. The suit claims he failed to live up to an agreement to provide for her and her and her daughter, and recounts four separate incidents of domestic violence.

(Details after the jump.)

• In 2002, the pregnant Olvera missed a show in Las Vegas. Giles allegedly became angered, and struck her in the face.

• On a family trip with the Padres, Giles, allegedly hit Olvera in the mouth to the extent where it split and swelled.

• Olvera claims Giles physically dragged her off a bar stool and out of a bar, hitting her so hard she fell to the floor.

• In 2007 Giles allegedly dragged Olvera through an open car window and threw her to the ground.

This is Lifetime movie stuff. You can read the lawsuit here if you want, though I’m not sure why you would.

And of course, with this much money involved, one shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Didn’t someone accuse Randy Moss of this during the playoffs? That came to nothing. Still, these are some pretty awful allegations, against one of the last guys in the world you’d expect.