Dolphins Kicker Feely Feeling the Taylor Treatment

Dolphins management doesn’t want to go through another Jason Taylor fiasco, so Bill Parcells & Jeff Ireland are informing their players to keep their minds on football and their mouths closed.

And which brash, celebrity-minded Miami roster-seeker is the biggest cause of Bill & Jeff’s concern?

Jay Feely Dolphins kicker

Would you believe kicker Jay Feely?

Armando Salguero of the MIAMI HERALD gets the word from Feely before he’s not allowed to give out any more. So, what kind of off-field, on-screen activities has Jay been involved in?

He has been on The Learning Channel with his wife. He has worked on ESPN’s First Take. Last year, he had a regional radio show. He has been something of a media darling and also the object of national attention, as Saturday Night Live did a skit about him a few years ago.

We’ll have to take Armando’s word on the SNL skit, since we stopped watching around 1997. Oh, and don’t forget Chris Berman’s Who-inspired penchant for describing Jay’s field goal attempts as “See me … Feely … kickie … goodieeeee.”

But such extracurricular adventures are now verboten:

So has Feely been told, basically, to stay out of the media spotlight?

”Yes,” Feely said succinctly.

How does he feel about that?’

‘I am,” Feely said, biting his tongue, “going to do the things I need to do to make the people I work for happy, even if I don’t always agree with it.”

It shouldn’t be too hard for Jay, as long as he follows these simple rules: Don’t skip practices, keep your sights on the uprights, and don’t get caught dancing on a major TV network with Edyta Sliwinska.

Bill Parcells at Dolphins camp

But Feely needs to remember the biggest rule of all - If there’s gonna be any media darlings on this Miami team, it’s going to be the Big Tuna.

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