Dolphins Sell Naming Rights To … Jimmy Buffett?

I guess we can add craptacular musician Jimmy Buffett to the list of guys not really feeling this whole recession thing. Buffett’s Landshark Lager, which is made by Anheuser-Busch, is reportedly going to purchase the naming rights to Dolphins Stadium for the 2010 football season, which includes the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl in addition to the Dolphins’ regular-season games.

Jimmy Buffett

(You are now required to dress like this to home games, Dolphin fans)

This might seem like an odd time for Anheuser-Busch to dump a bunch of money into slapping a small brand’s name on a stadium, but SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY says that the way it will be paid for is creative to say the least. Buffett is essentially going to pay for it himself by playing two concerts at the stadium, and he won’t charge for it. So, the stadium gets to keep all the proceeds from the shows, and Buffett gets to hock his brand.

As SBD notes:

It would be both the shortest naming-rights deal for any NFL stadium, and the only one paid for by musical performances. Several reports also have Buffet looking at a Margaritaville-themed section within what is now Dolphin Stadium.

If the Dolphins are trying to alienate everyone under the age of 35, they’re doing a pretty good job. But hey, at least Pat Riley will be excited about this deal. The Dolphins have been desperately trying to get a new naming deal for 10 years. With this deal, don’t be surprised if the Giants and Jets are playing at Springsteen Stadium in a couple of years (he sells out more dates there anyway).

As for Landshark Lager, I’ve heard that the brew is “mellow, but not smooth. And kinda s***ty.” (language NSFW on the link)