Dolphins DE Pushes Cop Aside — With His Truck

Look, it’s Memorial Day Weekend, we’re all in a rush to get to the beach. But for most of us, it doesn’t cross our minds to try and drive through the police officer blocking our way. But then Miami’s Randy Starks isn’t most of us.

Randy Starks

The Dolphins DE was stuck in traffic in Miami Beach around midnight last night when a police officer noticed there were 13 people in the four-person vehicle, “including a woman sitting on his lap.” I told you he isn’t like most of us.

According to the report, Starks was driving a Freightliner, which best I can tell is the cab of an 18-wheeler.

The officer walked up to the car and knocked on the side window; Starks kept driving. Starks finally stopped when the officer knocked on the side door. Then the car accelerated, moving slightly to the left.

The movement caused the vehicle to hit the officer in the chest and pinned him against against a vehicle in the another lane.

Starks was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, and oh, by the way, the license plates weren’t registered to that vehicle. He was being held on $10,000 bond, which means he’ll be out in plenty of time to catch a few days of sun and sand. No word on how the other 12 people in his truck made it to the beach.