Dolphins Cheerleaders Perk Up The Amazing Race

Let’s face it - most of our exposure to reality shows comes from noting the attractive women in the commercials. Well, now those hot girls in the commercials have a tenuous sports angle!

Dolphins cheerleaders Amazing Race

Cara Rosenthal and Jaime Edmondson are Miami Dolphin cheerleaders by day, but Amazing Race contestants by, err, also day. If you’ve ever watched the Amazing Race, you know this can only end with them hating each other’s guys, pulling each other’s hair, maybe having a lingerie pillow fight or two.

Pics of your new favorite team, after the jump.

Applying to be on the show was Edmondson’s idea, and she must be persuasive, because Rosenthal deferred law school to participate. “I don’t think I could have looked her in the face if we hadn’t been chosen,” said Edmondson.

She needed a partner and targeted Rosenthal (who is traveling in Europe and was unavailable for comment). “She is the most competitive person I know,” Edmondson said. “I sent her a text message, ‘Do you want to be on The Amazing Race with me? I think we can win.’”

This was not an idle boast. Edmondson put a lot of thought into the effort. “I didn’t want to do this with a family member or significant other. Those teams always get involved in their own issues instead of concentrating on the competition.”

Eh, you’ve skimmed the text anyway. Sorry for the delay. Here’s Miami’s finest:

Cara Rosenthal and Jaime Edmondson

Jaime Edmondson

Cara Rosenthal

Cara Rosenthal and Jaime Edmondson