Dolan “Knows Coaching Change Must Be Made”

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports today that the strange, supernatural powers employed by Isiah Thomas to ward off unemployment are weakening. The Knicks’ prematurely jowel-impaired owner, James Dolan, has apparently decided that since the media and fans have grown weary of calling for I.T.’s departure, he will now forcibly remove the NYK’s coach.

James Dolan

Excerpt: “Garden chairman James Dolan recently told confidants that he knows a coaching change must be made and that he is preparing to do just that, according to a source close to Dolan. No timetable was given, but the source indicated that Dolan is leaning toward making a change before the end of the season.”

Dolan, who gave Thomas a multi-year contract extension last year, didn’t make the move during Thomas’ sex harassment case precisely because everyone around him wanted him too. Likewise since the Knicks have stumbled to a 9-26 record under Thomas. But now that fan rage is slowly dissipating into apathy and disinterest, Dolan will fire the man he showed so much undeserved confidence in over the past four years.

The whole sordid scenario is about Dolan mitigating his own personal embarrassment. If he really cared about the team and the fans, he would’ve offed Thomas at the end of last season. Or earlier.