Hungry Dog Chows Down On Super Bowl Tickets

Dogs can have quite the active appetite for sports. When they’re not eating World Series-clinching baseballs, they’re chewing up Super Bowl tickets.

Dog chews up Super Bowl tickets

BUSTED COVERAGE alerts us to an ARIZONA REPUBLIC story of a black lab named Buddy, who gnawed on the stubs for next week’s big game.

Buddy’s owner had requested that the courier sending the $900 seats leave the envelope underneath his doormat. Instead, the package was slid under the front door, where Buddy was waiting. He “licked, mauled, chewed and swallowed portions of the coveted tickets.”

We believe the ticket-shredding Rev. Walter Hermanns has found a new pet. But don’t totally blame Buddy for his expensive snack - maybe he thought Michael Vick was playing.