Doesn’t Anybody Want To Take In Terrell Owens?

As Tuffy informed us in this morning’s Speed Read, the Dallas Cowboys told Terrell Owens to vamoose from Valley Ranch. Yes, its unfortunate that T.O. now joins millions of other Americans out of work in these harsh economic times. But look on the bright side - it’s a terrific opportunity for T.O. to start anew, and besides, what NFL team wouldn’t want such a talented receiver on their roster?

Terrell Owens sad

(In need of a good home)

It turns out a lot of teams don’t.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK has been keeping running tabs across the league on which franchises have officially said they’re not interested in Terrell’s services. Here’s the No Owens list so far:

Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Washington Redskins, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta Falcons, Cleveland Browns, San Diego Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets, Tennessee Titans, St. Louis Rams.

And the Miami Dolphins are purportedly the next to say no to T.O. Let’s see - that’s 14 down, 18 to go. Pshaw - that’s only a little less than half of the NFL.

But if no one from the National Football League wants to take in Terrell, he might be forced to face a Manny Ramirez-type season sit-out. (Well, he would, had Manny not finally re-signed with the Dodgers.) Owens better find a team to latch onto soon, or lovely Latina sports reporter Ines Sainz won’t have any reason to chat with him.

Still, there’s always opportunities in the Arena League. Wait - no, there isn’t. What about NFL Europe? No? The XFL? The USFL? Oh, I know - The new UFL! Jim Fassel will be so happy to see a familiar face.

Or perhaps this constant rejection by NFL teams is a sign for Terrell to hang up his cleats and devote time to his one true love - writing children’s books.