Erin Andrews Quells Rumors of Florida Favoritism

Ever since the Miami Hurricanes lost to the Florida Gators last weekend, they’ve spent the majority of their time whining about everything.  Head coach Randy Shannon talked about how he didn’t appreciate Urban Meyer opting to kick a field goal in the last minute even though his team was already ahead 23-3, and former Cane Warren Sapp quickly followed that up by saying that Meyer was a “classless dirtbag.”

Erin Andrews walk sideglance

Not content with solely ripping on Meyer, Canes fans now have a new person to blame for their team sucking: Erin Andrews.


It annoys Andrews, a University of Florida graduate, that the issue of her possibly showing favoritism toward anything Gator would even be raised. She feels she goes to extraordinary lengths on the air to not show a UF slant, and if outside perceptions exist to the contrary, Andrews doesn’t hesitate to fire back.

“I was upset when I heard this was an issue,” Andrews said in a phone interview with the Times-Union. “I’m no dummy. I know people look at me in a different way. I know there’s people when I go back to Florida, they say, ‘Aha, she’s biased [toward UF].’ But there’s an absolute separation between my feeling for the school and my reporting. If I once showed favoritism [on the air] or acted out in a biased way, [ESPN] would get rid of me in a minute.”

Yes, everybody knows that the only bias ESPN will allow is for the Boston Red Sox. Still, as I said earlier, I believe Erin.   I mean, does this look like the backside of a liar?

No, no it does not.  I’m actually starting to feel kind of bad for Erin for having to deal with this kind of crap all the time.

She gets so much more scrutiny just because she happens to be hot, but how come if Lee Corso ever picks the Seminoles to win a game, nobody accuses him of being biased towards Florida State?  When Kirk Herbstreit picks Ohio State, is he being biased, or does he just think Ohio State is going to win?   It’s idiotic and nothing more than sour grapes from a bunch of Miami fans who have to deal with the fact that their team just isn’t that good.

And Erin, honey, if you ever need someone to talk to about this, or just a shoulder to cry on, I’m here for you.