Does Anyone Want Tix To The Big 12 Title Game?

Saturday’s Big 12 Championship between Oklahoma and Missouri might seem like a bit of a mismatch, but it’s still the most important game of the year outside of the Alabama-Florida SEC title tilt. If OU wins, they’ll play for the BCS title, while a Missouri upset would throw the BCS into chaos.

empty Arrowhead Stadium

(Good seats still available, OU fans)

Despite all this, it’s not exactly the hottest ticket in Kansas City. Even with an in-state university playing in the game,  there are nearly 8,000 seats unsold as of today. Guess the Tiger fans aren’t too confident of their team’s prospects in this one.

The Chiefs are hosting the game at Arrowhead Stadium, and the KANSAS CITY STAR says they’re a bit concerned about the lack of a sell-out crowd:

“It’s a concern every year at this time,” said Chiefs senior vice president Bill Newman. “Unlike an MU-KU game, where you know who’s going to be playing here, you’ve got all year to be promoting that. We just found out last Sunday afternoon which of the three teams in the South was going to be there. So we’ve had four days to move a huge amount of tickets. It’s not a slam dunk.

The Chiefs apparently guaranteed a crowd of 72,000 to the Big 12, which actually doesn’t necessarily mean that all of those seats have even been sold yet. Arrowhead seats about 80,000.

Honestly, it’s not all that surprising that the game hasn’t sold out. Most Sooner fans are probably counting on an easy win, and K.C. is just far enough away from Oklahoma to be a nuisance to get to. OU fans are likely planning their trips to Miami already.

As for Mizzou fans, they probably aren’t too keen on paying $85 to watch their team get beat 65-17. Especially since the Tigers just played at Arrowhead last Saturday and lost to Kansas.

Newman is still holding out hope that people in Missouri just don’t know they can still get tickets and might want to drive to the game (hey, gas is cheap!):

Newman said it was hard to determine whether Missouri’s loss last week deflated Tigers fans’ interest in returning to Arrowhead for a rematch of last year’s Big 12 championship game in San Antonio, where Oklahoma defeated Missouri 38-17.

“I would think that would be the case,” Newman said. “I think Missouri is probably going to dominate the house, but there are people in St. Louis and even in this region who didn’t realize they could still get tickets.

At this point, though, don’t you think that maybe some deranged Texas fans might buy up some tickets and go root for the Tigers? What could be more satisfying for Horns’ supporters than seeing OU’s dreams crushed in person?