Does Anna Kournikova Have To Choke A B****?

Of all the laws governing space, time & physics, one of the most important is that you never pick a fight with Anna Kournikova. Unless you’re an attractive girl, and I can watch. Many roughed her up on the tennis court, but on Monday night Anna proved that, while trying to relax at a club in Vegas, she is not to be trifled with.

Anna Kournikova

Kournikova, in town attending the Harbat Classic Table Tennis Tournament, was with friends at the LAVO Nightclub in Las Vegas when she got into an altercation with another woman. The woman reportedly threw a drink in Kournikova’s face after a verbal altercation, and then a catfight ensued. And all of this for only a $5 cover!


Anna was at the exclusive club in the VIP area with her assistant and publicist when a drunken partygoer threw her drink at her.

“Somehow the drunk girl nudged Anna and her assistant, which upset Anna. She stood up to see what was going on, which is when the drunk girl brushed her off as if it wasn’t her fault,” a source tells Hollyscoop. Anna sat back down and hung out. 10 minutes later it got really crowded so Anna decided to call it a night. She got up to leave and was getting all her stuff together when the altercation occurred.

“Somehow they exchanged words and the partygoer threw her drink on Anna and her assistant,” added our source. The woman was escorted out and Anna had visible scratch marks on her neck. Anna was reportedly shaken up after the altercation but seemed ok the next day when she attended a tournament.

Hmm, I thought that wild bar brawls were only for Australian rugby players and Wolverine. Oh yeah, and Danielle Lloyd:

Danielle Lloyd

At least Anna’s altercation turned out better than Danielle’s — the girlfriend of British soccer star Jamie O’Hara (among others) ended up pretty battered & bruised after the brawl.

Hope Anna’s scratches will heal in time for her next photoshoot.

Anna Kournikova