Dodgers to Start Pink Frilly Broadcast for Women

The McCourt family (makers of fine decisions like hiring Ned Coletti and treating Manny Ramirez like dirt but still feeling violated when Manny earned a suspension) have recently discovered that women are an untapped market that should be nurtured, just like Spanish-speaking peoples and others with disposable cash.

Alyssa Milano Dodgers shirt

(At least one woman figured out Dodger fandom without pressing the ’sports-to-woman’ translation button on her remote)

Therefore, in a kind-hearted and sensitive fashion, Jamie McCourt has fired up a special women-centric broadcast for Wednesday home games for the rest of the season. Jeanne Zelasko and Mark Sweeney will break down baseball because “as a mother, (Jeanne) will be able to bring a unique perspective.” What does that mean? Do wombs break down the infield shift better?

From the press release:

DodgersWIN (Women’s Initiatives Network) is a network of initiatives to bring women closer to the game and to bring the game closer to their lifestyles. 

Apparently, true affection can only be shown through a network of initiatives focused on the special lifestyle needs of women. Gentlemen, take note.

Jamie McCourt, wife of Frank McCourt, has been serious about pulling women into sports (and Dodgers games) for years. This collection of ideas will be run by her and therefore taken quite seriously if curiously executed. (Consider it a family trait.)

The press release is similarly mealy-mouthed on how these obscure Internet-only will appeal to women; it’s not as if Jeanne Zelasko spoke a curious woman-only dialect on Fox broadcasts for years. Perhaps you can ask the duo themselves during their first broadcast May 20th by contacting them at

While you’re emailing, please ask this: since Zelasko was left off the shortlist of candidates for the backup Vin Scully job last offseason, is this Jamie McCourt’s way of letting the organization (and her husband) know she fully expects Jeanne to be in the mix when Scully passes? Does that make Zelasko the Grim Reaper? If so, how is that woman-centric, exactly?