Dodgers to Play in Los Angeles Coliseum Next Season Against Red Sox

DODGERS RETURN TO L.A. COLISEUM FOR ONE MORE GAME: The Los Angeles Dodgers are going back to where it all began. Sorry, Brooklyn fans, not that far back.

SbB Cecillia LA Coliseum

MLB.COM reports that the Dodgers will play at the Los Angeles Coliseum in an exhibition game next season. The contest is set for March 29 against the Boston Red Sox.The Coliseum is where the Blue Crew spent their first four seasons in La-La-Land before Dodger Stadium was finished in 1962. The Sox game locale is in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Dodgers’ move from NYC to SoCal.

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The stadium stop will be just another season-starting detour for the Red Sox, who will be coming back from a two-game trip to Japan.Although it’s a game for charity, there may be bad feelings between the owner’s boxes - wherever they get set up in the makeshift stands.

Frank McCourt John Henry

Sox owner John Henry has been trying desperately to level the Boston-area mansion he bought from Dodgers owners Frank & Jamie McCourt.After the game, Henry might stick around the Coliseum to help dismantle the temporary outfield walls, just so he can tear down something.