Dodgers Pitcher Enjoys Dressing Up As Samurai

The interestingly-named FIRE NED COLLETTI NOW ( must have already been taken) slices up a quick clip of how Dodger Stadium introduces pitcher Takashi Saito:

You may have noticed how the video shows Mr. Saito dressed up in samurai garb, complete with razor-sharp sword. While this might be chalked up to racial insensitivity, it turns out that Takeshi likes to put on the clothes of an ancient Japanese warrior as a way to unwind after the game.

FNCN learns such samurai wisdom from a 2007 interview Saito (and his translator) had with Dave Hollander of AOL SPORTS:

DH: For laughs, you’ve been known to dress up like a samurai after games. Who on the team didn’t know it was a joke and actually got scared?
TS: Some of the players did get scared but they knew Mr. Saito was joking so they just appeared scared. But they’re very nice guys and Mr. Saito considers himself very lucky to be playing with such good guys.

DH: How often do you wear the samurai outfit around the house just to relax?
TS: Mr. Saito might wear a bathrobe with a polo logo but he wouldn’t wear a kimono.

So, the samurai suit is a strictly clubhouse affair.

Of course, there’s probably people out there who are offended by Saito’s samurai greeting. But it’s not like the Dodgers are selling “Horry Kow” t-shirts.

Uh-oh. Hope this doesn’t given anyone ideas for “Think Brue” apparel.