Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt Accused Of ‘Fraud’ reports today the latest divorce sordids between Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt and estranged wife Jamie.

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Fired Los Angeles Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt claims Frank McCourt and his lawyer, Lawrence Silverstein, fraudulently altered documents in an effort to strip her of the ownership of the team.

Frank claims in 2004, when they bought the Dodgers, Jamie signed over complete ownership of the team to him. In their bitter divorce case, Frank has submitted an agreement signed by Jamie, which includes an “Exhibit” that gives him complete ownership of the Dodgers.

But in new legal papers filed today by Dennis Wasser, Jamie’s lawyer … Wasser claims there was another “Exhibit” that was the final word on ownership of the Dodgers, which preserved Jamie’s rights to the team.

Wasser now says, after the document was signed, Frank and his lawyer pulled a switcheroo, by substituting the old “Exhibit” for the new one — thereby cutting Jamie out.

Wasser says in his new legal docs … Jamie is the victim of a “fraudulently altered document.”

The documents referenced by TMZ today have long been subject to speculation as to why Jamie McCourt would willingly sign over complete control of the team to her husband.

Though this new accusation certainly takes the case to the next level, possibly introducing criminality into the proceeding. As recently as last week, the LOS ANGELES TIMES reported a settlement as a distinct possibility.

The dispute between the McCourts is scheduled to go to trial on August 29, though a settlement could be in the offing considering the nature of Jamie’s latest allegation.

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At the very least, this news is yet another sad chapter in the story of the Dodgers’ seemingly lost season.