Dodgers Owner Demands Manny Talk to the Team

Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt is no one’s fool.  He knows who to hire and who to sign. He knows how to get free money and make himself look like the hero for doing so.  He knows how to negotiate.  He’s a winner.

Manny Ramirez

Therefore, Frank’s more than a little peeved at Manny Ramirez making him look asinine for signing him as Manny sits at home.  Frank McCourt demands action.  Now that he’s spoken to Manny himself, he wants Manny to speak to his Dodgers teammates.  Apparently, walks of shame are now inspirational.

Just like Manny started the season, though, he’s following his own schedule.  He hasn’t appeared publicly since releasing a contrite statement.  As Joe Torre said Saturday:

He’s still beat up by this thing.  Again, it’s not that he feels it’s unfair, but he’s embarrassed and he still has to clear his head before he basically feels good enough to come out. Hopefully it’s in the near future, but we didn’t nail him down for a day.

If you’re looking for a precedent, it took Alex Rodriguez 50 games to clear his head and hip.

UPDATE: Frank McCourt spoke to Vin Scully during Sunday’s game.