Dodger Face-Saving Campaign With Manny Starts

Ken Rosenthal of reports tonight from the baseball Winter Meetings in the OC that Dodgers GM Ned Colletti told reporters that his club “offered (Manny Ramirez a contract with the highest average salary in Dodgers history, and the second-highest average salary among current players.

Ned Colletti Manny Ramirez

(Only thing faker than Dodgers’ offer? Colletti’s piece)

Rosenthal surmises from that that the Dodgers “offered Ramirez a two-year contract worth just over $50 million.”

According to Colletti, who didn’t specifiy contract length, the Dodgers also offered an option year. Of course, the Dodger GM didn’t specify which party holds the option, so that could be irrelevant to process.

Last week the NEW YORK POST reported about the same, a 2-year deal worth $60M.  The story was from an anonymous source. Gee, wonder who that was?

I wrote at the time that the Dodgers were planting the $30M-per figure in the media to make it look like they were making a genuine offer. Now it appears Colletti may be confirming all that.

The Dodgers know full well that Ramirez won’t take a two-year deal, save at $50M per. He’s probably looking for a team to do a 4-5 year contract at $25M annually. It sounds like the Dodgers don’t want to commit $100M to Ramirez, so they are hedging with the high per season offer and spreading the bogus manuever to the media.

If that is indeed the case, and the Dodgers don’t come off the lowball offer, there’s no chance Ramirez will sign.

And then Frank McCourt has no business running the team. The only reason you wouldn’t sign Ramirez if you were McCourt is you don’t have the funds. And if McCourt is underfunded running a MLB franchise in the #2 market in baseball, he should sell. He’s in way over his head.

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