Stupid: Dodgers Blow Off Zelasko For TV Gig

OK, we finally get the Manny thing out of the way, which may have somehow engendered reluctant goodwill in the McCourts’ direction - and then we get this from Tom Hoffarth of the L.A. DAILY NEWS today:

Jeanne Zelasko

(Cancer survivor Zelasko or Charley Steiner? Nice going Frank and Jamie!)

Former Fox MLB studio host Jeanne Zelasko was inexcusably left out of the group of six broadcasters who the Dodgers invited to a play-by-play tryout during March, their attempt to find someone for a package of 40 TV road games. A forward- thinking organization couldn’t figure out that by including her in the mix, they’d elicit some positive reaction?

Listening to a couple of games this week showcase 28-year-old Ben Wagner, a poor man’s Matt Vasgersian currently with the Triple-A Buffalo Bisons, any recognizable voice in the So Cal market who missed this cut must really reassess his or her future. What are the Dodgers trying to achieve here, if not a search to replace Vin Scully someday?

As some of you may know, I was in the baseball announcing game for 10 years, doing minor and major league baseball, and I must say that I laughed out loud when I read this news.

I wouldn’t feel bad though if I was Jeanne, this is the same organization that hired Charley Steiner after he was shown the door of the Yankees’ broadcast booth - in favor of Suzyn Waldman! Not to mention keeping around Rick Monday, who amounts to the world’s first non-medical cure for chronic insomnia.

It’s a shame though, as Zelasko would’ve been a wonderful choice. She’s bright, cute and has a high baseball media profile thanks to her work on Fox-TV. Not to mention her beating cancer recently, which would’ve certainly brought positive public relations to the Dodgers. I have no doubt that the few thousand who still watch Dodger telecasts when Vin isn’t on would’ve loved her.

Like I said, I was a longtime baseball announcer who came up in the minor leagues and eventually made it to the majors, so I know what those people are all going through. And I’m aware the Zelasko has no significant play-by-play experience. But we’re talking television here people. Viewers can SEE WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

If this was radio, it’d be a different story. That requires at least a little skill in painting an accurate, verbal depiction of the game.

Oh wait, I forgot, Steiner and Monday do Dodger radio. Never mind.

Shame really, if only Zelasko was a doddering, slurring imbecile. She’d have already been hired.