Dodger Stadium Empty Seats No Longer Accidental

Thanks to the genius of UNI WATCH BLOG, today I was most fortunate to unearth a priceless baseball homage now-forever frozen in time.

Greatest American Hero Baseball Episode

(Apparently TV writers were on strike in ‘81 too)

That being a 1981 episode of The Greatest American Hero called, “The Two-Hundred-Mile-an-Hour Fast Ball.”


When America’s national pastime and national security are endangered, FBI agent Bill Maxwell sends superhero Ralph Hinkley into the thick of a major league pennant race to become baseball’s hottest overnight sensation. Special guest appearances are made by talk show host Mike Douglas and ABC Sportscaster Don Drysdale.

The summary doesn’t come close to capturing the historical significance of what clearly is the most realistic, science-fictional portrait of our grand pastime. Filmed in 1981.

So many rapturous moments to capture, but I thought I’d try:

Blank mustard helmets! Protective cup stuffed with Big League Chew!:

Greatest American Hero Blank Mustard Helmets

Next up for a Mitchell & Ness authentic reproduction?:

Greatest American Hero Oakland Mets

Boy, those helmets look familiar

Markie Post in the press box!:

Greatest American Hero Markie Post

Yes, you’re dead on. That IS Robert Culp in the background. Nice catch!

Don Drysdale Stayin’ Alive!

Greatest American Hero Don Drysdale

Yeah, that was bad form.

Coincidentally, Marty Brennaman wore this exact shirt for Reds-Cubs last Sunday at Wrigley:

Greatest American Hero Don Drysdale

Central casting mob tough guys!:

Greatest American Hero Central Casting Mob Guys

Stock footage of Dodger Stadium sellout!:

Greatest American Hero Fake Sellout

Lotsa TIGHT crowd shots of extras! Mariners! (What, no Oakland Mets lids?)

Greatest American Hero Tight Crowd Shots

Then there’s the accidental empty seats shot Part One:

Greatest American Hero Accidental Empty Seats Part One

Accidental empty seats shot, Part Two!:

Greatest American Hero Accidental Empty Seats Part Two

Obligatory Herman Franks-looking manager cast! (Don’t flatter yourself, Lasorda.):

Greatest American Hero Fat Guy Manager Cast

One more generic, stock footage shot of sold-out Dodger Stadium:

Greatest American Hero Fake Sellout

Last TIGHT crowd shot. Promise.

Greatest American Hero Tight Crowd Shot With George Karl

(George Karl?)

Hello iPod!:

Greatest American Hero Crapping Basball Theme Song

If I wasn’t so exhausted by now, I might actually turn the sound up.

No, that’d ruin it.