Dodger Has Pornstar Girlfriend? Sure Looks Like It

Several SbB readers emailed me Tweets from an L.A.-based adult film performer last night named “Lexi Belle” in which she claims to have a “boyfriend” on the Dodgers.

Lexi Belle Pornstar Dating a Dodger

(Whoops, dunno how that last Tweet slipped in there)

The woman’s real name is Jessica McCumber, and after crosschecking several more of her boyfriend-related Tweets against the Dodger transaction wire and game logs, it appears she’s telling the truth.

Lexi Belle Pornstar Dating a Dodger

As much as I would like to, I’m not going to out the dude despite his bad judgement. An occasional, triple-wrapped rendezvous with an adult film performer on the downlow - at least by today’s societal standards - is now (sadly) not all that worthy of scorn anyway.

No, the big problem I have in this situation is that the guy would hook up with an adult film performer who is Tweeting about their *relationship* to tens of thousands of Twitter followers.

It’s amazing to me that legitimate celebrities have still somehow yet to realize that the Internet hath wrought pornography into mainstream culture. Jenna Jameson’s inexplicable state of celebrity and Hugh Hefner’s whorehouse reality show are two examples of an epidemic that has swept up women who 10 years ago wouldn’t have considered a pay-for-sex career in public.

But with generations having now grown up with such easy access to porn on the web - along with mainstream media covering it as if it belongs in everyday culture - sex workers now have no conception of what it is to be discreet.

From the messages they get from the media and large corporations airing their content on its cable and satellite systems, who can really blame them?