DODGER DEAD BEAT: The BOSTON GLOBE reports Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt is "at least two months in default on a small South Boston property with an empty building on it."

McCourt’s lender is "offering the $22[M] note for sale as ‘non-performing and in default’ because he has not paid interest or principal" since April 1.

The Parking Lot Attendant took out the initial $23M loan in 1999 and monthly payments are $232,120.

Perhaps McCourt needs the cash on hand for another Joan Rivers-esque face pull-back.

This is also the same McCourt that recently bought a $25M home in Holmby Hills, near the Playboy Mansion.


DODGERS HIT NEW LOWE? reports "Carolyn Hughes is off the air right now at Fox Sports West. The wife (Trinka Lowe) of Dodger pitcher Derek Lowe tells OTR it is because she believes Hughes has been having an affair with her husband. Mrs. Lowe says that Hughes claims they are just friends."B>More Fineman: "Four weeks ago she (Trinka Lowe) says her husband of seven years (They’ve been together 11 years), Derek Lowe, told her ‘He wanted me gone when he came back from the next road trip.’"
Fineman also has exclusive photos of Hughes and Derek Lowe gallivanting together on the beach - and more details of Lowe’s disintegrating family life.
FYI: This is also the same Lowe who has previously been charged with domestic violence - in his minor league days - which was dismissed after counseling.