Dodger Broadcaster Charley Steiner Beards Disappearing Act

STEINER’S DAYS AS SINGLES HITTER FINALLY OVER? I’ve got a table for one booked at Izzy’s Deli in Santa Monica this Valentine’s Day, so by no means do I consider myself a lady killer.

So instead of a warm and fuzzy evening with a beautiful woman, I more likely will be relegated to another night snuggling up with a dog-eared copy of Jim Bouton’s “Ball Four”.

Charley Steiner In-N-Out Burger Double Double

Speaking of strikeout pitchers (hey, Bouton was when he first came up!), here’s hoping that Dodger announcer (and bachelor) Charley Steiner’s new clean-shaven look will help him stretch singles into more than just late-night double-doubles.

It is a curious move though, considering Steiner’s well-chronicled past success with the opposite sex:

Whoever heard of such a high-profile male celebrity wanting to get rid of his longtime beard right before Valentine’s Day?