Doctors Not Buying Tiger’s Clinical Sex ‘Addiction’

One of the TV station’s first on the scene for Tiger Woods‘ car accident, WESH-TV in Orlando, reports today:

Mindy Lawton Pics Tiger Woods Mistress #5

(Docs: Still not buying it?)

A local psychiatrist weighed in on news that Tiger Woods has been attending a sex addiction clinic, and said that the golf star could have controlled his urges if he wanted. Forensic psychiatrist Jeff Danziger said sex addiction is not a recognized mental disorder.

Danziger said. “In the catalog of mental disorders, there’s nothing in there that says sex addiction. It’s not in there. … It doesn’t rise to the level of a diagnosis.”

Two distinguished British psychiatrists concurred to the BBC in 2008:

Phillip Hodson, fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, says the term “addiction” is not appropriate for this behaviour, which would be better described as obsessive, compulsive or even greedy.

Some very successful men have a habit of thinking they can get away with anything, especially behaviour they view as exciting, he says.

“Sexual addiction is a relatively recent American, jargonized category of personality behaviour.

“It uses a medical model - ‘I’m an addict, I’ve got an illness and need a 12-step programme.’ But I don’t buy into it.”

Glenn Wilson of England’s Institution of Psychiatry:

“The original idea of addiction was that you had a chemical hijacking of the circuits of the brain built to give you pleasure as reward for doing things of a survival value, such as eating or having sex.”

“But to turn round and argue that one is addicted to chocolate or sex, which are activities you would expect to be rewarded in survival terms, strikes me as hijacking the concept of addiction.

“It’s a way that people signal to the world that they think they have a problem and need to break it.”

But they are no different from anyone else, he says, because we all have sexual drives which can get us into trouble without inhibition or control.

This all lends to the theory that Woods attending a “sex addiction clinic” is more publicity ploy than genuine attempt to curb naturally occurring compulsive behavior that affects most of the population.

But while his behavior may not be based on biochemistry, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to think that therapy he may be receiving could be helpful in getting his sexual appetites under control.

All of us are tempted every day and the most successful among us are usually those who can resist destructive compulsions. From what we now know about Woods’ behavior, it appears he was unable to resist sexual temptation to the point of it ruining his personal and professional life.

Don’t care what box you want to put his behavior in, dude needed help.