Docs: SMU Booster’s 1982 “Payroll” From Meyer

With the recent interest in the infamous SMU football program that received the NCAA Death Penalty in 1987, here are a couple documents that played a role in that sordid saga.

SMU Payroll documents 1982 team from Ron Meyer

The documents represent the partial “payroll” of the 1982 SMU football team.

SMU Payroll documents 1982 team from Ron Meyer

Ron Meyer, who was head coach of New England Patriots at the time the documents were produced, scratched out the player names, figures and number of months the players were to be paid.

The list was made out by Meyer to SMU booster George Owen.

On the document marked “#1″, “Dickerson” is pro football hall of famer Eric Dickerson. Dickerson, in his Hall of Fame induction speech, mentioned Owen:

People like George Owens, who treated me like a son when I was at SMU. Who when things were tough for me, he’d sit and talk to me. When I couldn’t get back to Texas, back to Sealy, Texas, he’d talk to me. And I really thank you George, for that.

Owen was also instrumental is covering the payments of Dickerson’s infamous gold Trans AM.

Also on Document #1:

“Hopkins” is former NFL player Wes Hopkins, who later enjoyed a 10-year career with the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Carter, M.” is Michael Carter, who went on to a long career as an NFL defensive lineman with the 49ers. Carter was also an Olympic medalist in the shotput.

“Bolden” is Rickey Bolden, who was drafted by the Browns in 1983 and had a six-year career in Cleveland as a tight end.

On Document “#2″:

“Carter, R.” is Russell Carter, who was a 1983 first round draft pick of the Jets. He played six years in the NFL with New York and the Raiders.

The 1982 SMU team went 11-0-1, tying only Arkansas in its final regular season game. The Mustangs finished #2 in both polls and defeated Pittsburgh 7-3 in the Cotton Bowl.

Again, this is only a partial listing of the players who were paid on the ‘82 team.

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