Docs: USC Asks Media Members If They’re Agents

Not surprisingly, NCAA sanction-addled USC has enacted new, stringent rules for media coverage of its football team this season.

USC Media Policy

(I WON’T GIVE A PLAYER A HOUSE certification curiously left out)

All media attending USC football practices and games now has to sign off on a form that, among other things, certifies that that media member is not an agent.

Here’s that passage from the document you have to sign:

You certify that you are not an agent (e.g., sports agent, marketing agent or financial advisor to athletes) or any such agent’s employee, representative or affiliate (including “runners”).

Okay, that might be a little overboard. More like USC is making a statement to NCAA - via the media - that if its overkill you want, its overkill you get.

Also interesting to note that USC has enacted another brand-new policy regarding the team’s locker room.

For the first time, the media has been banned from postgame access to the USC locker room. Here’s the new locker room policy sent out by USC to media:

USC Locker Room Policy For Media

Note that the prospect of media access isn’t even mentioned. (Instead, media will interview selected players in an adjacent room.)

From talking to USC officials about the new policies, the recurring concern was contact media members might have with recruits. USC is so gun-shy now about possible recruiting impropriety that it has also set up a designated viewing area for recruits when they attend USC practice.

The only issue I have with USC’s new policies is the inability to access the locker room after games, which will limit access to certain players. But in reality, what USC is doing is only what has mostly been done already by major NCAA football factories.

Bryan Fischer contributed to this report.