Doc, Trainer Texas Tech Statements Dated Jan. 1

UPDATE: (6:47p ET): Statement from Texas Tech on today’s new, signed witness Affidavits:

Attached are two signed affidavits from principal witnesses involved in the Adam James investigation prompted by complaints from the James family that Adam was abused on two separate dates following the diagnoses of a concussion.

The accounts here are different from comments made by coach Leach in the media. These statements were made by Steve Pincock, head football trainer, on Dec. 21, 2009, and team physician Dr. Michael Phy on Dec. 22, 2009, to the investigative attorney. Also, in her interview with coach Leach on Dec. 21 he confirmed these accounts. Further, Leach mentioned the abusive language addressed to Adam James and said “if I didn’t say it I wish I had.”

After coach Leach’s conflicting recent media accounts of the treatment of James, the university asked witnesses to sign affidavits attesting to their original statements. These are those signed affidavits.

That perhaps explains some of the delay, but again, why hasn’t a single Tech administrator disputed Leach’s comments - and the protrayal of comments from Pincock and Phy until now? If they had these accounts in their favor two weeks ago, why wait to release them until today? Odd.

It also remains that Trainer Pincock did give differing accounts to the school and Leach’s attorney.

Thanks to John Taylor at’s COLLEGE FOOTBALL TALK for headsup.

UPDATE: (6:21p ET): Pete Christy, reporter for KCBD-TV in Lubbock, reports today that the statements made for the pro-Texas Tech affidavits by Tech trainer Steve Pincock and Tech doctor Michael Phy were actually made on Dec. 21.

Pete Christy Reports Affidavits Signed On Jan. 1 Were Given On Dec. 21

If that’s the case, why on earth would Tech administrators wait this long to release the statements that are favoriable to their cause? We need to find out that information or else it appears the statements look coerced by the school.

Here are the affidavits, notarized yesterday (Jan. 1, 2010), given by Texas Tech head football trainer Steve Pincock and team Doctor Michael Phy to the Texas Tech administration. Both accounts in these docs are very favorable to Texas Tech’s case against Mike Leach. Pincock and Phy made documented statements to Leach’s lawyer before yesterday that were decidedly different in tone. Statements that were much more favorable to the coach in regards to the treatment of James.

Michael Phy affidavit favoring Texas Tech admin and contradicting later statement to Leach attorney

Because the Pincock affidavit contains expletives, I’ve posted it after the jump.

In Pincock’s affidavit he admits that it was he who decided where to confine Adam James on the two occasions Craig James cited in his complaint to the school. That will likely be a critical admission in any legal dispute between Leach and the school.

Steve Pincock affidavit favoring Texas Tech admin and contradicting later statement to Leach attorney

These statements were likely made after Pincock and Phy made pro-Leach statements, which might lead some to believe that the two were coerced to change the tone of their stories.