Rip Has ESPN’s Diaper-Changing Performance

KING CARTOONS has this wonderful graphic recently provided by ESPN detailing a performance by Rip Hamilton:

Flomax Rip Hamilton

(Oh, did we mention, it’s SPONSORED BY FLOMAX)

Game changer? We were actually thinking more along the lines of diaper changer. Those cubicled kids at ESPN need to cook up some graphics for Red Kerr and Heinsohn if they really want market penetration.

Speaking of unwitting endorsers, Mark Murphy of the BOSTON HERALD reports on the pill popper Dr. Feelgood of the Boston Celtics: Coach Doc Rivers.

Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen bother have been unable to sleep throughout the playoffs, but no such affiliction is plaguing their Coach - thanks to a pharmaceutical hookup.

“He told me that,” Rivers said of Garnett’s sleepless night. “And I told him that I slept 10 hours. I took an Ambien and went out like a rock. He started laughing at me and said, ‘I don’t know how you do that.’ And I told him it was OK, because when I was a player I didn’t sleep. It’s a little different, but it’s true. RajonRondo) said the same thing to me - that he couldn’t sleep.”

Another plus: During those “10 hours“, Rivers also cooked an omelette, changed his oil and freshened up the patio bird feeders.