Do The New York Jets Know Something We Don’t?

The New York Jets have graphic images on their official website of how the new Jets Stadium will look (which they will share with the Giants). Included in those renderings is this production of one of the concourses:

New York Jets Fan Wearing Strahan Jersey In New Jets Stadium Concourse

(Wow Mike sure is packing ‘em on. Damn that Chunky Soup!)

Paul Lukas at UNI WATCH posted a link to the image today, and notes:

Bizarre discovery by (reader) Matt Harris, who writes: “I was on the Jets web site, looking at illustrations of how the new stadium will look, and one view of the concourse area shows mock fans in jerseys and whatnot — including someone in green Strahan jersey.” Seems like way too many Pennington jerseys too, no? Must be an old illo, but that still doesn’t explain the Strahan thing.

Based on Brett Favre’s fadeout the second half of the season, I think Jets fans would beg to differ on the Pennington point. But the Strahan jersey does smell of a carefully-placed prank by a CGI expert with a softness for the gap-toothed one - and Big Blue of course.

I doubt seriously that the image is an indication that the Jets have an underlying interest in Strahan’s services for 2009. More likely the woman in the jersey will be one of the first free agent long snapper signs next season. See ya in Hempstead Eileen!

All kidding aside, the jersey sighting seems rather apropos since we all know the Giants will be the effectively running the new ballpark, with the Jets merely serving as oft-forgotten tenants.

The only thing more “bizarre” than that image is if someone were to bury David Ortiz’s jersey in the freshly-laid concrete at New Yankee Stadium. How crazy would that be?!

David Ortiz jersey found at Yankee Stadium

Oh, wait.

I’m guessing that the rendering was likely inspired by the Ortiz-Yankee Stadium affair, with the Pennington jerseys denoting the age of the image.