Do Golf Course Prostitutes Wear Stiletto Spikes?

It’s the typical sitcom cliche: the bumbling husband wants to go golfing with his buddies, but his nagging wife doesn’t want him to. Zingers and general shenanigans ensue as the man goes to great lengths to make his tee time while keeping his wife blissfully unaware. But golfers in Prairie Village, KS, were getting more than 18 holes in behind their wives’ backs.

Karen Rutherford & Michelle Segall

(l to r: Karen Rutherford and Michelle Segall)

At least probably not, since KCTV-TV says they were taking part in a prostitution ring centered on a nearby golf course. (18 holes, one would imagine, would cost a lot extra.) According to authorities, the ring was run by two women, Karen Rutherford, 32, and Michelle Segall, 27, out of their house, using the church across the street as a parking lot for their johns. I believe that will be more than ten “Hail Marys” to get absolved for that.

The two had apparently been posting racy ads for massage services on Craigslist, and police and had noticed dozens of men entering and leaving the house as they kept up surveillance since February. They were also using the golf course as a place to meet and dance for their “clients,” and apparently went to several golfing events at the course to recruit additional customers.

Police finally busted a married man as he left the house during his lunch break. After some interrogation, he cracked like an Easter egg and told them that the only massages in the house were of the sexy variety. With the clientele’s apparent love of golf, it does make you wonder if they provided them with head covers and ball washers at the house. After all, you never can be too safe.