DJ Threatens Shootings After Super Bowl Blackout

A St. Louis radio DJ has been suspended for making threats to shoot up the electric company - because he lost power while watching the Super Bowl.

JC Corcoran AK-47 guy

KMOV reports that J.C. Corcoran made the threatening comments during his Monday show on KHITS 96.3 FM. He was ranting against Ameren UE when he told the power company:

I swear, I’m gonna get on top of your building with an AK-47 and just start picking people off.”

Not the smartest choice of words, especially when a few days later, a gunman shot & killed five city council members for real in nearby Kirkwood.

But J.C.’s fun doesn’t stop there.

Corcoran also decides to imitate Ameren executive Richard Mark, who is African-American, by adopting a mock accent and yelling, “Yeah, that’s right, y’all, I’m runnin’ the power company over here! It’s like a BLACK POWER thing over here! Ya get it?”

Corcoran has been suspended two weeks without pay. Meanwhile, an Ameren spokesperson said that security at the company’s offices has been beef up after the on-air comments.

Super Bowl Hooters sign in Spanish

How hard could it have been for ol’ J.C. just to motor over to the nearest Hooters to catch the rest of the game? No firearms would be necessary.