Dizzy Maid Bowling From Japan TV (Where Else?)

It’s time for your Saturday afternoon bats**t insane break. And if you want bats**t insanity, there’s nowhere to go except Japan, land of Segway chimps.

Dizzy Bowling

Courtesy of UNCOACHED comes this gem. Basically, the hot girls spin around with a bat to get nice and dizzy, then go bowling. And for some reason they’re all wearing maid uniforms. And then for some reason they all put on bikinis and sing some children’s song in a hot tub. WTF, Japan, WTF. (Video after the jump, naturally).

First of all, thanks Japan, for the gratuitous panty shots. Secondly, props to the girl who picked up a spare in the fourth frame. That’s not easy even without being dizzy and having a camera up your backside.

Don’t forget to watch past the two-minute point. That’s when all sanity breaks down completely.