‘Disruptive’ Santonio ‘Escorted Off Plane’ In Pitt

WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh reports that Santonio Holmeshad to be escorted off a plane Thursday night at Pittsburgh International Airport, investigators said.

Santonio Holmes Tweet Before Being Thrown Off Pittsburgh Plane

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Investigators told Channel 11 News reporter Renee Kaminski that the incident happened shortly after 9 p.m. They said Holmes wasn’t arrested but was escorted off the plane for what investigators call being a “disruptive passenger.”

The plane was docked at Gate D77 when a “disturbance” involving an iPod and refusal to comply with flight crew demands was reported.

Based on a Tweet from the official Twitter.com account of Holmes last night from the plane, perhaps that wasn’t the only issue involved in the incident.

Holmes Tweeted: “Only guy on the plane headed to Pitt from NJ, wearing my green n white. GO JETS!

The ASSOCIATED PRESS also has this on the situation:

The New York Jets say authorities at Pittsburgh International Airport filed an incident report after wide receiver Santonio Holmes failed to follow flight regulations by not turning off his iPod as the plane he was on was landing.

Jets spokesman Bruce Speight said Friday that the team was told Holmes was flying from Newark Liberty International Airport to Pittsburgh on Thursday night.

Speight says the report was filed with the Allegheny County Police Department after Holmes’ flight landed. Holmes got off the plane and police officers reminded him of complying with flight regulations, but the wide receiver was not charged.

Jets Coach Rex Ryan was asked Friday about the incident:

“This was kind of blown out of proportion, it seems like. He certainly should have turned off his iPod. When I speak to him, I’ll tell him that. He certainly should do that.”

The AP’s account and Ryan’s comments don’t dampen my previous sentiment about the incident not being a good look for a guy traded less than three weeks ago after being slapped with a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.So the guy is willing to risk his career because he doesn’t want to turn off his iPod while the plane he’s on is landing?

Sounds as though we know already that the Steelers made the right call in jettisoning Holmes to New York.