Disney Aladdin Stage Production Uses Tiger Joke

YouBeenBlinded.com unearths a gem today from the Disney’s California Adventure theme park (where you escape Disneyland to booze).

Aladdin Stage Production Disses Tiger Woods

Somehow a Tiger Woods joke worked its way into a recent production of the Aladdin stage musical. Not from the crowd, but on stage.

People often ask me how long it will take for folks to forget about the Tiger Woods scandal. As you can see here, it ain’t slowing down anytime soon. The amount of time Woods hides from the media and golf fans is directly proportionate to how long his ordeal will last after he finally surfaces.

(Go to the 1:10 mark of the video)

The longer Woods sits out, the more his self-made fiasco will continue exist as not a sports story, but a pop culture event.