Disgruntled Chinese Soccer Fan Becomes A Monk

Upset because your team (ahem, the Cubs) choked again? Tired of J.D. Drew ripping your heart out yet time after time? Can’t deal with the pressures of modern sports fandom? It’s OK, just pack your bags and head for your local monastery.

Shaolin Monks

A Chinese soccer fan who is upset with the decision to suspend a player on the pro team he follows has decided to deal with it by moving to the Shaolin Temple and becoming a monk. Mei Nansheng, who is known to his friends as “Iron Trumpet,” is a supporter of Wuhan Guanggu of the Chinese Super League. Or, I should say, was a supporter of Wuhan Guanggu.

Being a soccer fan in China can be a bit frustrating, writes REUTERS:

Soccer is wildly popular in China, but the professional leagues are plagued with corruption and the national team is widely considered an embarrassment.

Sports in China plagued by corruption? Get outta here!

Wuhan’s top player was suspended for eight games by the league for rough play against Beijing. The suspension prompted “tens of thousands” of disgruntled fans to protest in the streets of Wuhan. So, the Pacman Jones protest is happening soon, right? Anyone?

They way he’s talking, it sounds like the Iron Trumpet might be done with soccer forever:

“My two sons have both died now,” Jingchu quoted Mei as saying, referring to Wuhan Guanggu and the Chinese national team. “So you could imagine how it grieves me.”

I thought you were only allowed to have one kid over there.

The Shaolin Temple is known for being the birthplace of kung fu, so Mei will be able to learn how to take out his frustrations on a stack concrete blocks. Good luck with your new life, Mei. Make sure to say hi to “Lane from Oakland” for me.

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