Dirk’s Troubled Fiancée Dated ex-QB Tony Banks

When the story broke about Dirk Nowitzki’s fiancee, Cristal Taylor, being arrested at his house on outstanding warrants, one seemingly benign detail that got us salivating was her age: 37. That told us one thing: there’s more. Women don’t turn criminally manipulative in their mid-30’s; it usually hits by puberty. So considering that Taylor’s had nearly two decades as an adult to pull some wild stunts, we knew more crazy stories were en route.

Tony Banks

On that note, enter Tony Banks (the one shown above, not the dude from Genesis). Remember when he was quarterbacking the St. Louis Rams before Kurt Warner showed up? Remember how he wasn’t very good? Well, apparently he was good enough back in 1997 - good enough for Cristal Taylor, anyway. Banks shared his bizarre story with the DALLAS MORNING NEWS about the best kind of young love: with a noticeably crazy woman.

Former NFL quarterback Tony Banks on Wednesday told The Dallas Morning News that Taylor is the same woman who tried to turn his life and career upside down in 1997.

“This is unbelievable,” he said. “This is wild. I can’t believe it’s the same chick.”

Evidently, the two met via a college friend of Banks. Not because said friend wanted to do something good for both, but as a matter of revenge after Banks decided not to hire the man. The guy gave Banks’ contact information to Taylor (who Banks thinks was going by “Theresa” at the time), the two hit it off in a natural confluence of good looks and money, and things went… well, completely disastrously:

Banks said it was a decision he rued almost immediately, recalling “she showed her crazy [side] pretty early.”

What, specifically, did Banks remember about Taylor’s actions and personality?

“Her being very emotional. I remember she camped out in front of my crib one time when I had another female friend in town. She (Taylor) wasn’t too happy about that.”

Soon, Banks said, Taylor began making harassing calls to him, his agent, his marketing team and even first-year Rams coach Dick Vermeil, “trying to run my name through the mud.”

Banks also says the ordeal nearly caused Vermeil to draft Jake Plummer in the 1998 draft, something  that would have altered the NFL as we know it today. Had Vermeil done so, the team never would have been led to the Super Bowl by Kurt Warner. Without that shot under center, Warner never would have created and sustained a long NFL career, meaning the Arizona Cardinals would instead be in the throes of the Matt Leinart Era, celebrating yet another 3-13 season.

If only Banks hadn’t cut Taylor loose, Cardinals fans. If only.