Dikta Dissolves NFL Charity After Most Money Doesnt Make It To Players

DIKTA DISSOLVES FUND; NOT MUCH MADE IT TO PLAYERS: Mike Ditka will be dissolving his charity fund for ex-NFLers, after reports surfaced that only a fraction of the money raised actually went to needy players:

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The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the former Chicago Bears coach will be pulling the plug on the Hall of Fame Assistance Trust Fund.An earlier USA TODAY article mentioned that although the Fund had raised $1.3 million since 2004, only $57,000 actually made to any of the players. Dikta disputes the figure, saying the Trust actually gave out $159,000.

The Fund itself netted only $315,000 after expenses. Where did it all go? According to records, most of the remaining $715,000 was spent on three charity golf tournaments, including payments of $280,000 to a firm that organized the events, and $65,000 to ex-stars who showed up at the fairway.

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Ditka declared that the remaining Hall of Fame Trust money would be distributed between Misericordia, a residential facility for developmentally disabled youth, and the Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund, another charity for former NFLers.