Did Someone Beat The Hell Out Of Bob Huggins?

All right kids, it’s time to take out your WTFmeters. This is not a drill. I think we’re about to hit Ludicrous WTF.

Bob Huggins Black Eye
(Can’t you put some, um, foundation on that?)

Yes, that’s West Virginia (via KSU and, most notably, Cincinnati) head coach Bob Huggins. He’s traded in his gold suit for two black eyes, it seems, which hardly seems like suitable attire for the banquet he’s attending.

THE DAGGER has the scoop on Huggy Bear’s less-than-believable excuse:

West Virginia University athletic director Ed Pastilong, left, and WVU basketball coach Bob Huggins are shown Sunday, June 7, 2009, at a fantasy camp basketball banquet in Morgantown, W.Va. Huggins kept his sense of humor as he sported two black eyes and a welt. He says he stepped into the edge of his bathroom door late one night. Pastilong’s right hand was in a cast from recent surgery.

Ahem. Evidently Huggins’ bathroom door is made out of 1987 Mike Tyson.

Even Huggins’ shady recruiting practices can’t really explain this one. Yes, he has taken some unsavory characters to colleges they have no business attending, but at no point does that ever lead to a coach getting assaulted, does it?

So perhaps this wasn’t a matter of profession, but passion. Huggins is married, of course, but perhaps - just perhaps - there’s some funny business going on the side. And - again, juuuust perhaps - he made an extraordinarily bad choice of women:

Tawny Kitaen