Did Departed RichRod Give Stoops WVU Scoops?

University of Michigan head coach Rich Rodriguez continues to show the judgment usually associated with road kill as he allows his name to be battered about in a civil lawsuit regarding his departure from WVU. (Or, as we call it, “the gift that keeps on giving“.)

Rich Rodriguez West Virginia thumbs up


This week, we find out that Captain Savvy took time out from his busy schedule pulling together a staff at Michigan and building relationships to chat with Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops a few days before the Fiesta Bowl this year. How generous of his time, right? How thoughtful, no? How… who was Oklahoma’s opponent in the Fiesta Bowl? West Virginia?

Oh, Richie Rod, don’t ever change. You’re the best!

We don’t understand why Richie Rod hasn’t taken up public office yet. He obviously believes the only conflict of interest is the one that conflicts with his interests. He loves the limelight. He craves power. Why on Earth hasn’t he been elected dog catcher somewhere already?

Oh, that’s right; the pay’s better.