Did Police Concert Cause Cliff Floyd Injury In Wrigley Field Outfield

• DID YOGA-FRIED STING PUSH CHICAGO CUB OVER CLIFF? The CHICAGO TRIBUNE reports Cubs outfielder Cliff Floyd injured his shoulder Saturday while diving for a ball in the Wrigley Field outfield. The same outfield played host to recent Police concerts, and left the area looking “raggedly“.

The Police At Wrigley

Tribune: Was Cliff Floyd’s shoulder injury Saturday a matter of “Police brutality”—the result of Floyd falling onto a harder-than-usual outfield surface after the recent Police concerts at Wrigley Field?

Police Sting Andy Summers

The only thing harder than the trampled Wrigley turf after those shows? Basset Hound look-alike Andy Summers’ arteries.

• DODGERS LOOK (AND NOW SOUND) DRUNK DURING GAME: Are we the only ones who think Dodger radio announcer Charley Steiner sounds drunk on the air?

Charley Steiner Shaves His Beard

He slurred his way through Sunday’s Dodgers-Giants AM radio broadcast (again), and sounds like he’s either nipping at the Cutty Sark from Rick Monday’s pocket flask between pitches innings, or on heavy meds to counter nasty narcoleptic fits.

Another reason we think Steiner might be boozing in the booth: He said a Dodger defensive shift against Barry Bonds Sunday caused the team in the field to “look like a Martini glass.”

• BRITS WON’T ADMIT WE WON’T BITE ON BECKHAM FRAUD: We’re losing faith in our brothers and sisters in Britain. Despite most media outlets in the U.S. slamming football fraud David Beckham and his tennis ball-implanted bride, the LONDON TIMES had a long piece Sunday about how warmly we’ve all received their biggest stars (sorry Robbie Wiliams).