Did Michael Phelps Really Win The 100M Butterfly?

I’ll admit to not watching much Olympics coverage this past week, but I did catch Michael Phelps‘ 1/100th-of-a-second victory over Serbian Milorad Cavic. The hype surrounding Phelps was at Favre-sian levels, which is to say, you wouldn’t have been able to avoid it if you wanted to.

Michael Phelps beats Cavic

In any event, Phelps beat Cavic in the 100m butterfly on Friday by thismuch. Two days later, there’s still a debate as to whether Phelps even won the race, although this photograph seems to indicate he did (the close-up shows Cavic hasn’t yet touched the wall … I think).

As JJ Cooper writes at FANHOUSE, this could all be resolved if FINA, the governing body for swimming, would release the moving pictures evidence that Phelps was the clear winner.

Cooper also notes that despite the controversy, Cavic seemed more than pleased to take home the silver, but THE SPORTING BLOG’s Tom Ziller has a sneaking suspicion “we’re going to find out this was a sham 20 years from now. FINA could assuage those fears by letting everyone see the proof.”

Too bad they have no intention of doing so.