Did La Russa Delay Springsteen’s St. Louis Show?

Bruce Springsteen, man. Regardless of whether you actually enjoy his music — and most people seem to — you can’t deny that he’s an utterly American institution, someone fashioned from that classic American mold: tireless traveler, boundless patriot, vengeful member of the disillusioned. To see a Springsteen concert, or so I’ve heard, is to experience all of those things simultaneously for like ten hours.

Bruce Springsteen Tony La Russa

If so, the recent Springsteen show in St. Louis probably lasted until six in the morning. After a late 9 p.m. start, fans were wondering why Bruce would delay the start time so long. Turns out his friend, Tony La Russa, may be to blame.


The word on the street was that it was because Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, a friend of Springsteen’s, was late in arriving after the Cardinals’ rain-delayed loss, but La Russa said Sunday, “It wasn’t me.” Springsteen started playing just after La Russa arrived, although La Russa said he and his group had been waiting for some 20 minutes. “It looked bad,” said La Russa, smiling, “but it wasn’t me. He wasn’t ready. He was getting his voice.”

The story goes on to explain that it was actually because band member Clarence Clemons — which might just be the best name for a traveling session musician ever — needed medical attention.

Sure he did. Sure that late start had nothing to do with Tony La Russa, and everything to do with an undisclosed, unseen medical problem that suddenly struck one of the band members before the show. That is so much more plausible than La Russa thinking he’s a big enough deal to delay a Bruce Springsteen show.

Sure. Whatever you say, Tony.