Did Harvin Also Test Positive for Weed at Florida?

The power of the Internet, the enduring strength of the conspiracy theorist, and the undying hate for every SEC school fan for every other SEC school (except Vanderbilt because it’s impolite to hate the emaciated) have taken the catalyst of a positive NFL combine marijuana test for Percy Harvin and started digging into Harvin’s University of Florida career.

Percy Harvin of University of Florida

The question on the table: how long has this toking been going on?  Some suggest it could have been as early as sophomore year, when Harvin missed two games for “migraines”.  Was it a suspension?  Or could he have been gambling with Michael Jordan while on his way to pass Tim Donaghy a note from Jimmy Hoffa? Only the Internet (and Urban Meyer) knows!

More importantly, how will this affect Harvin’s draft stock? Certainly, any player that can’t pass the NFL combine drug test for marijuana must be considered a risk for a future suspension.  However, what if he’s failed to resist the weed in the past as well?  Is it fair to assume he’s a serious risk to miss playing time for non-injury reasons?  Ask Warren Sapp.

Besides, it doesn’t seem to be hurting him so far.