Did ESPN McCain Supporter Spike Obama Visits?

Rush & Molloy of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS report that a Friday ESPN podcast appearance by Barry Obama with Bill Simmons has been spiked by the Bristol suits.

Barry Obama Bling Bling

(Maybe it was Barry’s Bling Bling?)

R & M also report that an earlier scheduled visit between Barry and Stu Scott was also scuttled.

With Obama’s “white” hoops background, and his current, undeniable nationwide appeal, the decision seems to defy logic. Except of course, if you’re ESPN president George Bodenheimer.

R & M: “It’s of interest that ESPN president George Bodenheimer has supported Republican Sen. John McCain’s presidential bid with a donation of $1,000.

If that sounds a little conspiratorial, why then was Kenny Mayne banned from screaming “Obama!” on SportsCenter as well?

If this was the ESPN of the early ’90s, when it was still regarded as a spunky little startup, do you think it’d be making the same kind of calls?

As for Simmons, ever since he signed his enormous new deal, he’s been batted around by the Bristol suits more than Barry Zito. But at least he has that giant pile o’ money to cushion his descent into Bondy’s homogenized hell.