Did Dan Snyder Tamper in Haynesworth Signing?

Albert Haynesworth, the $100 million man (who really only has $41 million guaranteed but gets to claim nine figures, thanks to the NFL ego inflation the cap rules provide) has basically been the Washington Redskins’ offseason.  Six draft picks (mostly low ones) and the Haynesworth signing pretty much cover the waterfront on the Potomac.

albert haynesworth

However, the NFL has started snooping around the events that led the Redskins to hand the keys to the castle to yet another prime player in a quest for a first-round playoff exit.  The Tennessee Titans have apparently told the league that Daniel Snyder and the ‘Skins tampered with their ability to resign Haynesworth in conflict with NFL rules.

Of course, Haynesworth has enough trouble these days.  He’s facing criminal and potential civil charges for knocking another motorist’s car off the road and forcing him into a wheelchair after hip replacement surgery.

The deal wouldn’t be rescinded, in all likelihood.  Instead, the Redskins would merely have a draft pick (or picks) taken away.  Considering how they treat the picks anyway, why not spend one on breaking the rules?