Did Cuban Toss Shaq Flare in Cuban-Owned Blog?

As a new media owner of the first order, Mark Cuban can blend old media manipulation tricks with new ones better than anyone. Remember his ill-fated bid for the Chicago Cubs? That’s old-school media manipulation. Letting slip that he has a Think System that proves Jason Kidd is the second-best player in the NBA? That’s a blended approach; math is apparently new.

mark cuban laughing

Earning fines via Twitter?  New media manipulation with a dash of old school “did he mention the hot topic of Twitter? OMG NEWS STORY”. And so on. Therefore, Mark Cuban will have to excuse the humble new media when a hot rumor/trade temperature check appears in a blog owned by Cuban’s limited partnership, and BRIGHT SIDE OF THE SUN is a little skeptical.

The Phoenix Suns blog asked both the writer of the post at DALLAS BASKETBALL and Cuban himself to respond. Both claimed editorial independence for the blog and no tampering hanky-panky.

Cuban also noted the relationship between the blog and him is nearly a decade old and that the blogger (a well-respected local writer and full-time professional) should “step away from the blog and get a real job.”

The Chicago Cubs (remember? The team Cuban used for a martyr act and higher Q rating?) are still technically owned by the Tribune Co. and have been since 1981. The Tribune Co. still has to deal with conflicts of interest related to the Cubs, the Chicago Tribune, WGN, and Comcast SportsNet Chicago. Those are just the breaks when a media outlet owns the newsmaker or vice versa.

But as long as you’re offering advice, Mr. Cuban, perhaps you have a blogging position open at one of your sites? Not that you’d manipulate the media, of course.