Did Chris Brown Bring A Fake Rihanna To Game 5?

Hey, remember that whole thing with Chris Brown and Rihanna? No, not this Chris Brown; what do you think this is, a sports site? We’re referring to the two pop stars, one of whom rained a series of blows onto the other’s far more attractive face and body. Allegedly.

Chris Brown & fake Rihanna
(Evidently, that’s Teyana Taylor on the right, who sings “Google Me.” Make her dream come true, won’t you?)

The two of them were both invited to Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday, and they both accepted. One slight problem; Rihanna didn’t join Brown, sitting on the opposite end of his row. Naturally, according to SINGERSROOM.COM, Brown’s only recourse for Game 5 was to find another girl, give her Rihanna’s hairstyle, and go to town. Err, the game. Which has enough people to comprise a town. Shut up.

Really, the hairstyle is no accident; it led to the AP misidentifying Taylor as Rihanna. As for the actual Rihanna, nobody seems to have gotten her on film; Amway merely confirmed that she was on the guests list. So there’s that.

At this point, we’re compelled to post Rihanna’s nude pictures point out that Brown’s preliminary hearing is one week from today, where a judge will decide if there’s enough evidence to continue the case. If THE SMOKING GUN’s copy of the official complaint is any indication, we’re guessing “yes.”

Anyway, Rihanna plans to mark the occasion with a song called “Orlando,” where the chorus is “Orlando, ando, ando, o, o, o, o.” Okay, no she doesn’t. But she should.