Yahoo: Broncos Videotaped Chargers Practices?

The SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE reports on a YAHOO story that says the Denver Broncos had secretly videotaped San Diego Chargers practices.

Broncos Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson

The Yahoo article by Jason Cole stated that the Chargers “increased their security ’several years ago’ during weeks in which they played the Broncos because Denver spies were videotaping Chargers practices.”

But in a response that’s become commonplace in the NFL, neither the Chargers nor Broncos would comment on the allegations.

San Diego GM A.J. Smith admitted that security had been beefed up at the team’s facilities since 2003, but wouldn’t further elaborate: “Why’d I go into those procedures? I won’t go down those roads.”

The Chargers’ & Broncos’ reluctance to discuss the matter seems similar to the Steelers brushing off charges of the Patriots spying on Pittsburgh, with Steelers chairman Dan Rooney calling the videotaping a “non-issue”.

What’s with all the tight-lipped service when it comes to these claims of cheating? Is there really some sort of league-wide conspiracy to hush the whole matter up? Is the NFL afraid to jeopardize its billion-dollar status with a sensational spying scandal?