Did Blount Suffer ‘Whiff’ Of Racism From Forde?

Pat Forde of ESPN.com today writes this of LeGarrette Blount’s written apology published in the Eugene student newspaper last week:

LeGarrette Blount Pat Forde

(LeGarrette Blount and ESPN.com’s Pat Forde)

“While Blount’s letter follows all of the dos and don’ts you can find at www.perfectapology.com, it also carries the unmistakable whiff of a ghostwriter. Call The Dash cynical, but the likelihood that Blount was the solo author of that letter is roughly the same as Rice’s chances of earning a BCS bowl bid. (”Agony of defeat”? Now there’s a phrase on the tongue of every college kid. If this were the 1970s.)

Nobody here is naive enough to think Blount wrote the entire letter on his own.

But if Forde’s so sure Blount didn’t write the letter, why didn’t he contact Blount and ask him? Or Blount’s coach Chip Kelly? Or Blount’s “legal representation”? For Forde’s comment to be as brassy as that, wouldn’t you think he would’ve at least lined up some material evidence to support his aggresively condescending assertion?

Apparently not.

If the same apology came from Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy or Todd Reesing or Matt Barkley, do you think Forde would be so patronizing?

Was there subtle racism in Pat Forde’s assessment of LeGarrette Blount’s written apology?

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In my opinion, probably not.

So can one reasonably conclude that there could be a “whiff” of (unwitting?) racism in Forde’s statement? Perhaps.

I don’t disagree with Forde that an apology for a college kid with a history of unthinking behavior like Blount that reads as if it was written by Grantland Rice is ridiculous. In some ways, it does more harm than good.

But Forde’s overreaction is telling as well.

The fake-author alert went on for all of us when we read the first line of Blount’s apology letter, so why is Ford so intent on hitting us over the head with it?