Dickie V Turns On The Tears for Hall of Fame Talk

WILDCAT BLITZ comes across an awesome clip of Dick Vitale getting so emotional, baby! (Yeah, sort of like that Whitney Houston song.)

Dick Vitale video game screen

(Image on loan from the 100% INJURY RATE collection)

Dickie V’s tears came on his recent nomination into the Basketball Hall of Fame. After an eloquent introduction by Jim Nantz, Vitale was given his own “08″ jersey, and when it was his turn to talk, we almost witnessed the impossible - Dick going speechless.

(Video after the jump.)

(The waterworks start around 1:10)

Perfect timing of the extreme close-up, just when he starts crying. And the images of Dick’s early days at ESPN, complete with fashionable eyewear, are certainly sights to behold.

But the biggest revelation made during Vitale’s acceptance speech was how the self-described Susan Lucci of the Hall of Fame set finally got in:

Bob Knight. I mean, people don’t know what he did for me. He wrote letters …. Bob had every living hall of famer coach write letters on my behalf.”

When I saw those letters, whether if I’d have ever gotten in the hall of fame or not, that was gonna be on me, my hall of fame, a handwritten letter by John Wooden and all those just touched me.”

Thanks, Bobby! Now maybe Dick will return the favor and make a cameo in Knight’s next Volkswagen ad.

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